2:12 About Dr.Sylvia
3:58 Working on COVID19
7:52 Policy Makers and Conflict of Interest 
9:28 Learnings from COVID19
12:45 Catastrophic Health Expenditure
15:13 Cancer hospitals turning away non-COVID patients
17:00 Onus of lockdown on citizens
19:12 ASHA Health Workers
21:02 Can we learn from Taiwan, Kerala and other COVID success stories?
22:49 Pandemic solutions
25:32 Data Manipulation to meet government targets
30:00 Manual scavenging and the caste system as a determinant in healthcare and social welfare
37:27 Case Study: EWS Ejipura, Bangalore
40:27 What people of privilege can do and why it is important to give marginalised people agency
0:05 Next steps for public health after lockdown
8:00 Dealing with hatred online
14:38 Should healthcare be a universal right
19:44 Self Determination of health
23:10 Privatisation of healthcare affects the privileged as well
24:17 Looking into advocacy and policy as a Doctor
26:10 The importance of Dalit Dai-s or Midwives
27:03 Dr.Sylvia the Artist
Dr. Sylvia Karpagam is a public and community health doctor and researcher who has been working on access to healthcare for over two decades with a special focus on regulation of the private sector and the social determinants of health, through research, training and writing/speaking to the media. She sees caste as an important determinant affecting health and nutrition along with being a steady state sanctioned oppression of the most vulnerable among us. She has worked to provide an alternate perspective on health rather than a purely curative, hospital centric model. She has worked with communities, healthcare workers, activists, lawyers and researchers to build evidence for advocacy with policy makers.  A prolific writer on caste, nutrition, health and the lives of people who are often overlooked in mainstream narrative, she is a clear eyed warrior of grassroots healthcare and to top it off is an artist of considerable ability. Dr.Sylvia is someone I have observed up close at different times over many years and what has struck me most deeply is her level of genuine affection and mindful engagement with each and every person she speaks with, and her consistent follow ups on a pallet of issues and cases that would make most of us weak at the knees. 
You can follow her on twitter - or visit her blog for all her writings and art -

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