PART 1 Chapters
2:18 Decision to work during Covid19
4:37 Fabeha's safety precautions working on the frontlines
13:00 Fabeha speaks about her Covid19 photos
PART 2 Chapters
2:50 How journalists have been affected by COVID19
7:30 Making photos of people with detailed context
16:15 Impact of photography
18:00 Importance of proper representation and informed consent
21:00 Looking and talking about Fabeha's photos
29:10 Working during natural disasters
30:00 Personal work
31:30 Women in Media
35:45 Diversity in Photography
39:20 Why local voices matter
40:55 Recognising and being your true self
44:00 Trusting yourself
47:30 Sharing knowledge freely
Fabeha Monir is a Bangladeshi visual journalist who works with photos, text, video and VR to tell meaningful stories on social development, migration, gender violence, and forced exile in marginalized communities. She has been working on the frontlines of COVID19 from the beginning. 
I was thrilled to have Fabeha as my very first guest on Insight speaking about her Covid19 work, her loving and authentic approach to people and her philosophy of journalism. 
Learn more about Fabeha and her work on her website or Instagram
You could also check out her interviews with 121clicks and Women in Journalism Magazine
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