1:48 Going out and working during Covid19
3:41 Precautions taken while out in the field 
6:15 Has Covid19 changed the way you work?
7:28 Getting consent when using a tele lens
12:16 Covid19 Burials in New Delhi
20:30 The Crisis of the Worker
30:14 The long walk home
41:33 Hindsight2020: Unfreedom from CAA-NRC to Covid19

0:00 - Violence in Delhi
32:20 - Shaheen Bagh
42:55 - JNU Student Protests
46:59 - Attack on JNU Library
53:20 - Children caught in communal violence in Uttar Pradesh
55:35 - Coping with 6 months of high stress reporting
1:00:04 - Political leanings in photos
1:03:06 - A Peal of Spring Thunder - Beginnings in Chhattisgarh
1:11:09 - A Peal of Spring Thunder - The Visceral and the Slow
1:23:49 - Getting to Gadchiroli on a rainy day
1:43:49 - A Peal of Spring Thunder - Book Dummy

0:00 - Activism and Journalism
10:44 - What part has Delhi played in your work
13:00 - Being employed vs being independent
28:47 - Traveling to Pakistan for Test Cricket
41:50 - Importance of hyper local photo festivals
47:13 - Inbetweeners - In the shadows of Tokyo and New Delhi
57:58 - Power of the Camera
1:01:49 - Obsessions
1:03:22 - Trusting yourself
1:06:06 - Inner Peace and Satisfaction
1:06:59 - Importance of sharing knowledge freely
Ishan Tankha is a rare breed in India - a photojournalist with impeccable instincts, high visual literacy, and deep compassion and at the peak of his powers. In fact, I predict that this phase in his sure to be storied career will be remembered for a long time, as his work becomes inexorably linked with the history of this idea called India. He has worked tirelessly, often in dangerous situations and has always come away with the essence of a place, a time, a people. Always elevating, never reducing. You can go to his website and explore his many achievements, exhibits, awards and stories. Today, on Insight, I hope to unravel the most significant and relevant of his vast repository and understand the intellect and heart that makes it all happen. You can see more of his work on his website - https://www.ishantankha.com/ Or follow him on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ishantankha
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