1:52 Dealing with the new normal
2:54 Going out during the Pandemic
7:04 The feeling of the lockdown - an ongoing project
26:55 Influence of indigenous identity
28:55 Early work: Landscapes
36:21 Taking a slow, gentle approach
40:17 Outside vs Local voices
48:22 Bom Chu festival
53:17 The importance of photo collectives

0:02 Days of Summer: Slow Documentary Project
7:04 Importance of feedback
11:48 Frontier Pass: Long term research oriented project
19:23 Myallyang: Approach to personal and documentary projects
23:46 Uttarakhand Handicrafts: working on a coffee table book
27:51 Doing commercial work
31:44 Sikkim Palace Archives
40:24 Opening Mt.Kanchendzonga is like opening the hidden land
45:02 Pang Lhabsol festival
48:04 Water
49:02 Following your inner voice
51:41 Photography has given me a new life
58:40 Inner peace and joy

Kunga Tashi Lepcha is an independent photographer based in Gangtok. He has the lightest touch with his photos and works on well researched projects that are important to him and local to his origins. He might be an adivasi or native photographer from the mountains of Sikkim but he is so much more than that binary definition working on complex, layered images pregnant with meaning. He is completely self taught and is a part of multiple artist collectives like the Confluence Collective in the north east of India. Kunga has also had multiple exhibits and publications of his work in India and Myanmar and in 2019 he received the Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri Memorial Grant 2019 at the Egaro Photo Festival.

You can see more of his work on his website - http://kungatashi.com/ or follow him on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kunga_tashi
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